I'm Joyce.

I make real estate agents look awesome online.

Put your listing brochure on the device that's already in their hand.

Get the real estate brochure you don't have to print, doesn't have to be shipped, and is always there when you need one. My name is Joyce Wismer and I create eBrochures for real estate agents who want a classy, professional listing brochure they can deliver to any buyer, anywhere, instantly.

Having spent many years designing and producing print brochures for real estate agents, I am well acquainted with the hassles involved with them. Either you're printing (and collating and binding) them yourself, or you're paying (and waiting) to have them printed and shipped to you. And there's no guarantee you'll have one handy exactly when you need it. So, first and foremost, the eBrochure is for you! You won't have to print them, wait for them, or realize they're back at the office instead of in your briefcase.

Deliver a brochure instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Being physical objects, print brochures are completely useless to a large pool of potential buyers. Think about people relocating to the area from another region or state. Think about foreign buyers. Think about local buyers who would love a brochure right now but can't get to your office to pick one up. Your print brochure is convenient only for a buyer who is already there. Your eBrochure is convenient for everyone - including you.

Use the share functions built into your phone, tablet, or computer to send your brochure by text or email to anyone, anywhere in the world, in seconds. You can do this from anywhere! Imagine being able to respond to a lead with a gorgeous brochure even if you happen to be at a restaurant, the gym, a grocery store, or the golf course. As long as you've got your phone, you've got your brochures.

eBrochures are a better way to share on Facebook.

Are you sharing your listings on Facebook using a link from your brokerage or MLS? If so, you are wasting opportunities to market yourself along with your listings. Share your eBrochure link instead. It's just as easy, and when people click on your post, they see your eBrochure.

Best of all, I create your eBrochure for you.

An eBrochure would hardly be a time-saver if you had to spend hours creating it yourself. You have plenty of more important ways to spend your time - meeting with clients, touring homes, overseeing all that paperwork, attending closings. That's why every eBrochure order includes complete setup by me. 

I collect a little information from you when you place your order, and then I get to work gathering, organizing and optimizing all the details about your listing from numerous online sources. I encourage you to send me any additional information you think would be helpful. The result is a content-rich online brochure that rivals even the fanciest print brochure - and it looks perfect on every screen size.

Whether they're looking for their ideal home or the elusive perfect travel cup, today's consumers want to get information on whichever device is in their hand. This is where your real estate listing brochure needs to be.