Joyce Pekelsma Wismer

Put your listing brochure on the device that's already in their hand.

As someone who spent many years designing and producing print brochures for real estate agents, I am well acquainted with the hassles involved with them. Either you're printing (and collating and binding) them yourself, or you're paying (and waiting) to have them printed and shipped to you. And there's no guarantee you'll have one handy exactly when you need it. So, first and foremost, the eBrochure is for you! You won't have to print them, wait for them, or realize they're back at the office instead of in your briefcase.

My name is Joyce Wismer and Premier Listing Showcase is my real estate marketing company. I am even more passionate about eBrochures today than I was when I created the first one back in 2007. Let me show you how eBrochures are designed to improve your marketing in four key ways:

1. eBrochures make your life easier
2. eBrochures give you content for your social media channels
3. eBrochures enhance your professional image
4. eBrochures can help get more people looking at your website(s)

As long as you've got your phone, you've got your brochures.

First and foremost, the eBrochure is for you! You won't have to print them, wait for them, or realize they're back at the office instead of in your briefcase. You won't have to download a special app, either. Use the share functions built into your phone, tablet, or computer to send your brochure by text or email to anyone, anywhere in the world, in seconds.

Sharing is so easy, you can do it from anywhere! Imagine being able to respond to a lead with a gorgeous brochure even if you happen to be at a restaurant, the gym, a grocery store, or the golf course. With an eBrochure and your phone, you will never be caught unprepared.

I started my career in real estate marketing in 1996, when the brokerage I worked for had 2 computers and those connected only to the multiple listing service. The listing books were still being delivered to the office every two weeks. ALL marketing was in print. With the arrival of better computers and desktop publishing software, my job was to create elaborate listing brochures that the agents spent hours printing, collating, and binding. There were two ways to get a brochure to a buyer: hand it to her, or mail it to her.

Now we have the ability not only to produce gorgeous listing brochures online, but deliver them instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world, from any device. Think about that. If you have your phone with you, you're ready to deliver your listing brochure to anyone who asks for it.

Whether they're looking for their ideal home or the elusive perfect travel cup, today's consumers want to get information on whichever device is in their hand. This is where your real estate listing brochure needs to be.